Who Decides? Season Update: August 5, 2019

Normally there are indicators that are very safe to follow as we plan our season, like a harvest date 6 weeks after the pollination is complete. That would mean starting today, but this year I am walking the fields and shaking my head at all of the beautiful blueberries that are still green.

The blueberries ripen in hot and humid weather. It was 43 degrees here this morning. What? Isn’t it August? Who would know?!

The blueberries are going to decide on their own when we harvest this year. Like many things in life, we make the best plan possible but as things change, we simply have to roll with it. And this year we are taking many of you along with us for the ride. That’s farming and that’s life! Please be patient with us.

We are cautiously projecting a start date of August 10 or after, yes . . . possibly after. If you requested a pick up date prior to the actual start date, we will work very hard to fill your order on an alternate date and adjust as need be.

I’ve been handpicking in a few small sections, and the blueberries taste SO GOOD! I know I don’t have to tell you – they are definitely worth the wait!

There’s NOTHING Like a Wild Maine Blueberry
– Denise Alexander