U-Pick and Harvest Update – August 6, 2016

It has been a fabulous week of dry harvesting weather, wonderful hand picking, and fabulous customers enjoying the beauty of Greenfield and leaving with the smell of blueberries in their cars.  We have filled hundreds of 10 lb. boxes and we have hundreds more to go.  Today we will meet more of our wonderful blueberry friends on the barn porch to round out a great first week.  (We are closed on Sundays – faith and family.)

Note for the U-Pick field:  There was a beautiful sunrise this Saturday morning followed by a brief shower.  I recommend waiting a short period of time to allow the plants to dry for a better u-pick experience.  The field is LOADED with huge, delicious blueberries, the best crop in the U-Pick field we have seen in some years.  It’s been a wonderful combination of an incredible pollination period and the fortunate blessing of two good soaking rains in July.  I love to hand pick blueberries myself, and I promise you will not be disappointed!

In the processing room we are producing more than expected each day.  It’s a combination of perfectly dry harvesting conditions, the cooling process that we have taken years to try and perfect, and Jimmy’s improvements to our equipment.  If you have yet to order your blueberries, it’s not too late!  Order Here

Farming can be tricky to predict, but our best estimation is that we will have fresh blueberries and the U-Pick field will remain bountiful through next Saturday, August 13.  We will update you as next week progresses.  But I do recommend that if you want fresh blueberries, next week is your best guaranteed option.

Have a wonderful weekend and come see us soon!

Denise Alexander