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Enjoy the experience of picking wild blueberries in the beauty of Maine's great outdoors


U-Pick & Gift Shop

If you enjoy blueberry picking, or have always wanted to try, make the scenic drive to Greenfield for your wild Maine blueberries. The blueberries are always delicious and the location is beautiful and peaceful.

Hand raking is another popular way of harvesting your own blueberries. Bring one of your own or use one of our rakes to gently pull the wild blueberries from the low-bush plants. You can assist us in running your blueberries through our old-fashioned winnowing machine to remove the majority (but not all) of the leaves, small branches, and chaff.

You are welcome to bring your own containers. Quart-size boxes are available for 25 cents each.

Important Note for the 2017 Season:  Every year for 50+ years, Jim Sr. and Rosalie who own and operate the U-Pick side of this two-generation operation, have been offering an exceptional hand picking experience to their faithful customers.  They feel it is important to share that the U-Pick field will not be as bountiful this year as in years past.  Farming conditions can be unpredictable and sadly the field experienced winter crop damage that resulted in a reduced number of blossoms, and consequently fewer blueberries.  However, though the yield will be less, it’s also important to note that the flavor and health benefits are of the same great quality as in years past.

Hours: During the season, the U-Pick field is open from sunrise to sunset, Monday through Saturday (generally the first three weeks in August). Click here Hours to confirm the U-Pick fields are in season.

Cost: The U-Pick wild blueberries are $2.50 a quart. Berry boxes are available for 25 cents each.

Watch for the “Handpicking” signs when you arrive.

Our location is a two-generation farm. Jim Sr. and Rosalie own and operate the U-Pick fields and The Old Blueberry Farm gift shop from their farmhouse on the Greenfield Road.
We are a two-generation farm. Jim Sr. and Rosalie own and operate the U-Pick fields and The Old Blueberry Farm gift shop from their farmhouse on the Greenfield Road.

Tips for a better blueberry picking experience:

  • Tuck a hat and sunscreen in your bag before leaving home (the fields are full sun)
  • Be sure you have plenty of water to stay hydrated
  • Bring your own favorite containers, or money to purchase quart-size boxes (25 cents each)
  • A camera is a must for blueberry selfies and lots of lovely scenery, especially from the barn porch
  • Allow a little extra time for visiting the gift shop at Jim Sr. and Rosalie’s farmhouse for adorable blueberry-themed items, jams and more
  • Our wide-open spaces offer no shady places to park your vehicle. Please keep this in mind for those passengers who want to make the lovely drive to Greenfield, but prefer to stay in the car while you hand pick. And though we love pets, we are unable to allow them in the U-Pick field.



The Old Blueberry Farm gift shop, owned and operated by Jim Sr. and Rosalie, offers an assortment of blueberry-themed items and other wonderful gift ideas. Rosalie’s wild Maine blueberry jam and Maine apple sauce are some of the most popular items.  The shop is open Monday through Saturday, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. during the blueberry season, and by appointment after the season.


The shop carries a wide assortment of reasonably-priced gift ideas for any occasion, items that add a special touch to any home.


The shop is arranged in an inviting country style. Take your time browsing; there are unique items creatively arranged throughout The Old Blueberry Farm gift shop.


Blueberry-themed items are some of the most popular and include hand-crafted purses, aprons, potholders, locally-made blueberry soap, and Rosalie’s blueberry jam.

Quantities are limited.
Order early to reserve your wild blueberries!