Season Update – Thursday, August 11, 2016

This is the view from our barn porch where I greet the most wonderful, interesting people every blueberry season.  It’s our annual visit.  Some stay longer than others –  we catch up, share snippets of our lives, and part with “see you next year.”  Add an unbelievable group of young people who return every year to work with us, support us, and make us proud, and you have a recipe for great memories and special bonds.

It’s coming to an end.  This incredibly dry weather has allowed us to harvest every day, all day, and it’s nearly all harvested.  (Thankfully we had soaking rains in July for a bountiful crop!)  Saturday or Monday (August 13 or 15) will be our last day for fresh packing wild blueberries in 10 lb boxes, and too soon the U-Pick field will be mechanically harvested and closed for the season.  Continue to watch for season updates on the official closing date.

There’s still an incredible crop of blueberries untouched in the U-Pick field (such a great year!) And I have room on the schedule for the 10 lb boxes if you’re interested.  Reserve Your Wild Maine Blueberries Here

I look forward to sharing this view with you, and maybe a short visit if you have time.

Denise Alexander