Season Update – Monday, August 22, 2016

The farm is quieter now that the wild blueberry fields have all been harvested and the fresh packing is complete.  It’s peaceful and we’ve been enjoying some beautiful sunsets over the last few weeks.

We are down to less than forty 10lb-boxes of frozen wild blueberries from this year’s harvest. On those days when we produced more 10-lb boxes of fresh blueberries than expected, those boxes went directly to our industrial freezer.  Frozen FRESH!  Typically the supply lasts until Labor Day weekend, but every year is different.

If you would like to reserve a 10-lb box of frozen blueberries from this year’s harvest, you can do so by placing an order here, or calling me at 207-570-7500.

We have met some wonderful new customers through our frozen blueberry sales, and we continue to add folks to our e-mailing list who want to be sure they don’t miss next year’s fresh blueberries.  It continues to be a great season.

“There’s NOTHING like a wild Maine blueberry!”
– Denise Alexander