Opening Day – 2016

The date has been set.  Weather permitting, our first batch of 10 lb. boxes of fresh wild blueberries will be ready for customers on Tuesday, August 2.  Our U-Pick field will be open on Tuesday as well.  The hours for the U-Pick field are sun up to sunset, Monday through Saturday (closed on Sundays).

If you placed an order, and we HIGHLY recommend placing an order, here’s how you will know when your blueberries are ready:

– We harvest your blueberries in the morning and early afternoon.  Once they have been harvested and placed in the cold room, I send out a batch of e-mails confirming that the blueberries will be available for pick up the next afternoon.  (Be certain you have confirmation that your order is ready to be picked up before traveling to the farm.)  In a nutshell it’s a 24-hour process–we harvest your blueberries one morning/afternoon, send you an e-mail, and you pick them up the next afternoon.  We continue to fill batches of orders every day possible until all orders are complete, approximately 14-18 days after we start.

– If you requested a specific date, we fill your order as long as the weather allows us to harvest the previous day.  Please be certain you have received a confirmation e-mail before traveling to the farm.  If the weather does not cooperate, we will fill your blueberry order on the backup date you provided, weather permitting.

When and Where to Pick Up Your Blueberries:  Once you receive confirmation that your order is ready, you may pick up your fresh blueberries any time between 1 p.m. and 6 p.m, on the barn porch pictured below.  If you need a special pick up time, e-mail me and I’m happy to make arrangements that work for you.

Some have asked if it’s too late to place an order.  The good news is – it’s not too late!!  Jimmy has made some wonderful upgrades to our equipment that allow us to process more than in years past.   You can e-mail me or place an order using our online order form.
I look forward to seeing so many familiar faces over the next few weeks and to meeting our newest customers!
Denise Alexander