NBC’s “Today” WILD for Wild Blueberries

The folks at NBC’s TODAY explored longevity foods with unique, health-boosting properties.  In their search for foods that help us live longer they discovered the potency of  WILD Maine blueberries.  Backed by scientific research, they offer many reasons to include this wild fruit in your everyday diet.

“When you break open a wild blueberry or eat it you’ll get stains on your fingers. Those stains are pigments which are the health protective compounds which help with … cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes … memory [and] many forms of cancer,” Mary Ann Lila, the director of the Plants for Human Health Institute, told TODAY.

Here’s a list of TODAY’s impressive health benefits for eating WILD Maine blueberries:

– Helps Improve Memory and Cognition
– Fights Inflammation
– Fights Cancer
– High in Fiber
– High in Vitamin C
– High in Antioxidants
– Boosts Immunity
– Fights Osteoporosis
– Fights Wrinkles
– Fights Heart Disease
– Fights Type 2 Diabetes
– Fights Signs of Aging


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There’s NOTHING like a WILD Maine Blueberry!