It’s Time! August 9, 2019

Fresh packing will begin Friday, August 9!

Weather permitting, we will harvest blueberries on Thursday, chill them overnight, and begin filling orders for your wild blueberries on Friday.

If you have a reservation, start watching your e-mail inbox for confirmation that your order is ready before making the drive to our farm.

There’s still room on the schedule for new reservations! The long-range weather forecast is very favorable, which means lots of harvesting is projected over the next several days. You can place your order here: Reserve Wild Blueberries

To all our faithful customers who place their orders on June 1, you will be among the very first to be pick up your fresh blueberries THIS WEEK. Watch your inbox!

If you ordered FROZEN blueberries, it will be approximately August 16 or after before we have a supply of frozen. If you ordered early, but your order includes frozen, know that we will be e-mailing you in another week or so.

Let the harvesting begin!

There’s NOTHING Like a Wild Maine Blueberry!
– Denise Alexander