Have You Ever Wondered Why?

Have you wondered why people drive long distances to Greenfield, Maine for Alexander’s wild Maine blueberries?

Hundreds of customers tell us our wild blueberries taste significantly better than anything they can buy in their local grocery or big box stores.   Each year repeat customers travel from Virginia, New York, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and from all parts of Maine.  They buy a box or two to eat fresh, and another box or two to tuck away in their freezer, rationing that supply until the following blueberry season.  One couple in their golden years leaves with 15-20 boxes each year.  They share a few boxes with friends, eat a few boxes fresh, and then keep 12 boxes for their freezer.  Another couple left here this year with 18 boxes.  And the list goes on . . .

We are down to less than 50 10lb-boxes of frozen wild blueberries from this year’s harvest. On those days when we produced more 10-lb boxes of fresh blueberries than expected, those boxes went directly to our industrial freezer.  Frozen FRESH!  If you would like to reserve any of our frozen wild blueberries, order here, or call me at 207-570-7500.

“Buy a Better Blueberry!”
– Denise Alexander