Frozen Wild Blueberries and a Bonus Day!

Maine is GORGEOUS this time of year! The views from the farm are beautiful, and parts of the Greenfield Road are like driving into a kaleidoscope. It’s one of the Maine treasures our customers have been enjoying this fall.

This year we took a chance and produced a lot more frozen wild blueberries than in years past. We’re glad we did! If you find you won’t have enough until next summer, or simply want really good farm-to-table wild blueberries at a great price, click here to reserve your boxes and set a pick up date. The views alone are worth the trip!

A pick up date for Saturday, October 28 is a Bonus Day. Rosalie is holding her annual FALL OPEN HOUSE for her Old Blueberry Farm Gift Shop.  It’s taking place from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. and her shelves are newly stocked with unique gift ideas and original decorating items, just in time for the holiday season. It will be a great start to your Christmas gift list. Our blueberries also make a great gift idea! Don’t miss it!

If you are new to our farm, here are a few of the reasons customers love our wild blueberries.

No Spray Berries – Alexander’s wild blueberries are NOT treated with insecticides.

Affordable – Price check us. Our WILD blueberries compete with grocery and big box store prices.

Distinct Flavor – Alexander’s wild blueberries have a distinct flavor that brings hundreds of customers back for more, year after year.  We would like to take credit for this, but it is our land that produces these delicious wild gems.  We are just fortunate enough to farm them.

Freshly Frozen – Our blueberries were frozen within 24 hours of being harvested, preserving that fresh blueberry taste.

Better Baking – Our customers tell us our blueberries make the best pies. We agree! Many will be using our blueberry pie recipe this holiday season, and also baking our favorite blueberry bread.

Superfood Nutrition – Scientific research finds WILD blueberries superior to other foods, with nutritional power your body needs. If you’re looking for ways to add more blueberries to your diet, we suggest starting with our wild blueberry smoothie recipe. Even easier is a cup of our frozen wild blueberries mixed with vanilla Greek yogurt, topped with a handful of granola and drizzled with honey. Yummy!

Place your order and stock your freezer. It’s a great way to enjoy the taste of summer and superfood nutrition all year long!