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There's NOTHING like a Wild Maine Blueberry

Frequently Asked Questions

How fresh are my blueberries?

VERY fresh! Your blueberries are harvested the day before you pick them up. We chill them overnight and winnow them the next morning through a series of belts and blowers.

Your wild blueberries make their way from our field to your table in 24 hours. That’s FRESH! You will taste the difference!

What can I expect?

At Alexander’s farm, you will find delicious native wild blueberries that are extra flavorful and large. Thanks to soil rich in organic matter. Our soil is not the typical sandy land.

If you purchase fresh-packed (winnowed) blueberries, you will find occasional stems and sometimes a leaf due to the process. Fresh packed blueberries do not have the same dry nature as handpicked blueberries. But they do have all of the flavors without the time and work!

Do you use insecticides?

We do NOT spray your blueberries with any insecticides. We do use herbicides in the “dormant” fields when the various fields do not produce blueberries. In the harvest fields, your blueberries are not sprayed with any insecticides.

Can I freeze my blueberries?

Yes, that is one of the BEST things about wild blueberries. They retain their exceptional flavor and nutritional value when frozen. We put 20+ boxes in our personal freezer every year.

What do you mean when you say you “winnow” my blueberries?

To winnow means to blow a current of air through the blueberries to remove the chaff. We fresh pack (winnow) the blueberries through a series of belts, blowers, and conveyors.

When are the blueberries available?

The season for FRESH blueberries typically begins the first week in August and lasts approximately 2-3 weeks. As with any farming operation, the weather dictates the exact dates. Once the season begins, we winnow blueberries every day (weather permitting), Monday through Saturday, until all fields are harvested. FROZEN blueberries are available early in August through early fall, while supplies last.

Why order early?

We produce a limited supply of winnowed wild blueberries. Leaves and chaff are removed through a series of air blowers and conveyors. Placing an order puts your name on a reserve list with orders filled on a first-come, first-served basis.

Demand has grown. Our ability to fill orders relies entirely on a dry harvest season. One year, we were unable to fill all of our orders. Our best advice is to order early.

Can you guarantee my blueberries will be ready on my requested pickup date?

If the weather allows, we will fill your order on the day you request. However, blueberries cannot be harvested when they are wet. Any amount of rain will have a direct impact on our schedule. For this reason, be certain you have received an e-mail that confirms your order is ready before making your way to the farm.

Can you ship my order, please?

Fresh blueberries cannot be shipped. You would receive a disappointing box of warm blueberry mush. Frozen blueberries require special packaging, dry ice, and overnight delivery, inflating the cost to $110+ for one box.

For the rare customer who could afford this option, we do not have the staff nor in-stock supplies to make it happen. We understand your disappointment. We are truly sorry!

How many quarts of wild blueberries are in a 10 lbs. box?

There are just over seven quarts in a 10 lbs. box.

Is there a liner inside the box?

Yes, the blueberries are packaged in a food-safe plastic liner inside the sturdy box.

What are the dimensions of the box?

The boxes measure approximately 12” x 8” x 7” tall.

When do I pay​?

You pay when you pick up your order. No deposit is required with your order. We accept in-state checks, cash, debit cards, Mastercard, Visa, and Discover.

Do you accept credit cards, debit cards, or personal checks​?

We accept in-state checks, cash, debit cards, Mastercard, Visa, and Discover.

Why are the pick-up times from 1 – 6 pm?

The morning hours are spent boxing your blueberries, with a focus on quality and efficiency. However, if the standard 1 – 6 pm pick-up hours do not work for you, let us know. We will do our best to meet your scheduling needs.

Quantities are limited.
Order early to reserve your wild blueberries!