Field to Table in 24 Hours – How it Works

The FRESHEST wild blueberries possible, from our fields to your table within 24 hours.  Here’s how it works!

The 24-Hour Process – Harvest to Table

Each day, weather permitting, we harvest several hundred pounds of wild blueberries and chill them overnight to ensure a longer shelf life.  When your blueberries are tucked in the cold room, we send you an e-mail with pick up information for the next day.

The morning of your pickup date, we focus on quality as we fresh pack a limited number of 10-lb boxes, keeping your blueberries chilled until you pick them up that afternoon.

The Easy Ordering Process

Here are the three easy steps for placing an order.

Step 1 – Tell us the number of 10 lb boxes you want to reserve. No deposit is required. The honor system works; your word is all we need. Be sure to reserve enough for your freezer to get you through until next season! (There are just over 7 quarts in a box.)

Step 2 – Choose between “Flexible-Date” and “Specific-Date”

  • Flexible-date orders, the most popular for our local customers, are filled on a first-come, first-served basis.  When your blueberries have been harvested and are in the barn chilling for processing, we send you an e-mail and let you know you can pick them up the next afternoon.

  • Specific-date orders let you choose a pickup date between August 4 and 15.(except for Sundays, and subject to change as the crop ripens). We do our very best to fill your order on the date you request, but any rain (even a brief shower) stops the harvest. Backup dates are included in this option.

Step 3 – Watch your inbox for two e-mails. The first is a confirmation of your order that you will receive immediately. You will receive the second e-mail the day your blueberries are harvested.  It will have payment information and pickup instructions for the next day.

We strongly recommend ordering your blueberries as soon as possible.  Last year we had so many orders we were forced to stop taking new orders.  One year was a rainy season and we were unable to fill all of the orders.  Click here to Reserve Your Wild Maine Blueberries.

If you have any questions, please e-mail us.  We love to hear from our customers!

There’s NOTHING like a Wild Maine Blueberry!

I look forward to greeting you on the barn porch,
– Denise Alexander



       Greeting new customers and reconnecting with loyal blueberry friends happens right here every year