Do You See Them?

Thanks to an army of pollinators, our fields are filled with a gazillion of these tiny green wild blueberries. Now it’s time for summer’s sunshine and warm days to bring us the first sighting of blue that is only a few weeks away.  Fresh wild Maine blueberries – we look forward to them as much as you do!


Natural pollinator working the delicate blossoms of wild blueberries at Alexander’s Wild Maine Blueberries


The pollination period is one of the most fascinating phases in the growing cycle of wild blueberries. For three weeks, the fields are alive with honeybees from rented hives and an army of natural pollinators.  These incredible creatures work our fields and again this year have provided us with an excellent pollination.

Each time I walk the fields white with blueberry blossoms, I’m determined to find the words that convey how fascinating it is to stand in the middle of open fields of wild blueberries, literally abuzz with activity. Those words still escape me.  I crouch and watch as big ‘ole bumblebees stick their heads into those tiny, delicate flowers to capture the pollen.  How can something that big hang on to something that small and delicate?  Leaf cutting bees, mason bees, sand bees (mining bees), sweat bees, and others that I have yet to identify all amaze me as I watch them work.  It’s an experience I look forward to every year.


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If you are new to our farm, browse our website to learn more.  There’s a simple “How it Works” section on the ordering page that guides you through the easy process of ordering wild blueberries that are on your table within 24 hours of being harvested.  That’s FRESH!

I look forward to meeting you soon on the barn porch.

Denise Alexander


There’s NOTHING Like a Wild Maine Blueberry!


A gazillion small green blueberries await warm days and sunshine at Alexander’s Wild Maine Blueberries. In the distance a five-acre section has been cleared for future wild blueberry crop production.