“Blueberry Heaven”

Two lovely ladies greeted me this evening as I entered the U-Pick field to walk the perimeter and check the wild blueberries after another day of handpicking and raking.  “Don’t mind me,” I said.  “I’m just here to check the field and take a few photos.”  They were enjoying the quiet of a late afternoon and beautiful Maine weather.  “Don’t mind us,” shared the daughter.  “We’re just in Blueberry Heaven!”

They were kind and gave me permission to photograph and share their happiness, along with their berry boxes full of Maine’s iconic wild blueberries.  We love how happy our blueberries make people.

This is one of several photographs taken this evening in the U-Pick field (August 16, 2018).  The very best and untouched sections are to the left when you enter the field.  I think tomorrow’s customers may feel like they are in Blueberry Heaven too.

There’s NOTHING Like a WILD Maine Blueberry!

~Denise Alexander