Blueberry Harvest Update – July 23, 2016

Saturday, July 23, 2016

The wild blueberries are enjoying these warm summer days as much as we are.  The farm has seen a good amount of rain this month, and the pollination this year was fabulous. (See below)

There has been significant ripening progress since last Saturday’s post, and we are still on target to open the U-Pick field and to begin harvesting the blueberries the first week in August.

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07-23-16 (12)


The picture below shows the results of a pollination period for this year’s blueberry season that was incredibly successful.  The stage has been set for a bountiful crop, and we anxiously await the harvest.

07-23-16 (39)


In addition to offering a U-Pick field, we harvest and produce a limited number of fresh pack blueberries in 10 lb. boxes for hundreds of customers every summer.  We have increased our capacity to produce these wonderful boxes of wild blueberries, but we still encourage customers to reserve their boxes before making the trip to our farm in order to ensure we are not sold out that day.  You can place an order for wild Maine blueberries here, you can e-mail me, or you can call me at 207-570-7500.  (Please keep in mind that we are unable to ship our blueberries.  All orders are picked up here at the farm.)

Enjoy this wonderful summer weather!

Denise Alexander