When Will They Be Ready?

There is always a sense of anticipation when I walk into the center of the fields at the end of June.  The delicate blueberry flowers have dropped, the beehives have been returned, and the pollination stage is complete.  It’s the first time we get a real sense of what to expect for another year’s harvest in August.

Weeding on my tiptoes

Doing my best to avoid damaging any plants or green blueberries, the weed trimmer goes with me as I tiptoe through the field.  Cutting off the tops of invasive plants before they go to seed is one of the many time-sensitive and often labor-intensive chores on our farm. Horticulture reports tell us that one St. John’s Wort plant can produce 33,000 seeds that can lie dormant for up to 20 years before germinating.  Weed trimming on my tiptoes is not one of my favorite chores, but those numbers are great motivators as I battle to stay ahead of those seeds!

Blankets of tiny green blueberries

Saturday was the first full day scouting large sections, and I found blankets of tiny green wild blueberries just waiting for sunny days and warm temperatures.  It is encouraging to know we are off to a GREAT start.

The most-often-asked question is when will the blueberries be ready.  If you live here, you are as desperate for warm sunny days as the blueberries.   (Enough with the rain already!) It’s too early to set a definitive date, but I assure you we will not be harvesting in July like we did last year.  My instincts tell me August 6. Time will tell.  

Reservations are up

Reservations are ahead of schedule from last year.  We already have orders for over 50% of the boxes of fresh packed wild blueberries normally produced in a season.  There is plenty of room on the schedule for new orders, but I do encourage customers to order early. A rainy season can wreak havoc on our ability to fill orders, and we still operate on a first-come-first-served basis.

For those who want to buy wild Maine blueberries, we have a new reservation form and it’s easier to use. Here’s the link: Order Wild Maine Blueberries
Tell us what you think. We love feedback.

As for the weeds . . . they love cool, wet springs.  If you’re looking for me, just follow the sound of my weed trimmer.

There’s Nothing like a Wild Maine Blueberry!
– Denise Alexander