Better Plan, New Tradition

We are starting a new tradition!

For over a decade, the first day of June has been the traditional opening date for reserving fresh packed boxes of our wild Maine blueberries.  The season of 2021 will start a new tradition with a better plan!

The new opening date for reservations will be the first day of summer!  The extra days give customers a chance to better know their summer schedules, making it easier for those who choose a specific pickup date for their orders.

Making the change to June 20, 2021 also gives us a better opportunity to accurately predict the start date of the season and offer more accurate pickup dates on the reservation calendar.

If you would like a link to our reservation form emailed directly to you on June 20, join our emailing list here: Sign Me Up!

Did you see the [#nofilter] sunset we recently posted on Facebook and Instagram?  We wish you could have seen it in person.  It’s so peaceful here, and we have the best sunsets.

There’s NOTHING Like a Wild Maine Blueberry!

  – Denise Alexander