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There’s NOTHING Like a Wild Maine Blueberry

Alexander’s Wild Maine Blueberries is a family-owned farm located in Greenfield, Maine.

Buy fresh WILD blueberries in 10 lb. boxes in early August or frozen while supplies last (reserve your blueberries here).

You can also enjoy the experience of handpicking wild blueberries in the U-Pick field and browsing
The Old Blueberry Farm gift shop featuring unique gift items.

Native Blueberries

How Fresh is FRESH?

WILD native blueberries

from our field to your table in 24 hours.

That’s FRESH!  You will taste the difference.

Unique Blueberries

Wild Blueberries are a Super Food

Antioxidant-rich WILD blueberries are reported to play a role in preventing serious health issues related to memory, heart disease, cancer and Type 2 diabetes.

Super Food Blueberries

Sweet and Tangy

WILD blueberries have an

intense sweet and tangy flavor.

There’s NOTHING like a WILD Maine Blueberry!

All orders are picked up at the farm
(We are unable to ship our blueberries)

Unlike the cultivated high bush blueberry, Maine low bush wild blueberries burst with a sweet and tangy flavor—a wonderful delicacy freshly picked or pulled from the freezer for your favorite recipes.  Whether fresh or frozen, wild Maine blueberries are a tasty treat with superior nutritional value.

Quantities are limited.
Order early to reserve your wild blueberries!